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Information for Current Visiting Scholars

The following are campus privileges and courtesies for current Visiting Scholars

Campus Card ID

Visiting Scholars may obtain an Affiliate Campus Card ID.  Please follow these directions to receive a card:

  • Contact your department support personnel to complete a Campus Card Request form.
  • The fee for the card is $21 and can either be paid by index number by the Department or by the Visiting Scholar.  If the scholar is paying the fee, go to the Central Cashier's Office, located on the ground floor of the Student Services Center (map), to make the $21.00 CASH payment. Be sure to get a receipt. 
    Note:  The Cashier’s Office accepts personal checks and cash payments only
  • The scholar should take the completed Campus Card Request form to Student Business Service (SBS). See the location and hours for the Campus Card Office
  • The scholar should take the following with them to the SBS Campus Card Office:
    • Completed Campus Card Request form
    • The $21 fee receipt from the Cashier’s Office if the fee was paid by the scholar.  Otherwise, ensure that an index number is provided on the Campus Card Request form
    • One of the following photo IDs:
      • Passport
      • Valid driver’s license
      • State identification card
  • To avoid a long wait, check peak times before visiting SBS Campus Card Office
  • Department HR personnel are responsible for retrieving the ID card at the end of the visiting scholar’s visit

UCSD Email Account

Visiting Scholars may receive e-mail service from the sponsoring department. The Visiting Scholar should contact the department HR personnel for information on the services from the sponsoring department.

Library Privileges

Access to online journals from UC San Diego Library

Visiting Scholars have access to online journals through UC San Diego subscriptions. To access online journals, the Visiting Scholar may use computers in the library or via UC San Diego's Virtual Private Network (VPN).

To connect through the UC San Diego VPN service use the instructions here:

Reminders and Best Practices for Visiting Scholars

Access to checking out books from UC San Diego Library

Visiting Scholars are entitled to the use of the UC San Diego Library and their Affiliate Campus ID Card functions as the library card. For more information on privileges to Visiting Scholars and the Library, please visit the Library's website

In order for a Visiting Scholar to checkout Library materials, the department must provide a letter addressed to The University Library in addition to a completed Library Card Registration Form. Both can be submitted in advance to or in person at a Library Service Desk.  A sample letter is below:

Date :               _________________                                                             

TO:                             The University Library

FROM:                        Name of HR Contact

                                    Title of HR Contact

                                    Department Name

                                    Phone Extension   

                                    Email Address

SUBJECT:       Library Privileges for ___Name of Visiting Scholar_______________________

Name of Visiting Scholar is a Visiting Scholar in Department Name from _____/_____/____ through ______/______/_____.  During this time they would like to check out materials from the University Library. 

The departmental chartstring to be used is _____________.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you

Note:  The departmental chartstring is only used in case of damage or for a book that is not returned to the library.


Visiting Scholars are eligible to purchase monthly B parking permits for the numerous parking areas and garages on the main campus as well as the medical campuses.  For more information, please visit the Parking Permits website on Blink.  A campus affiliate ID card is required to purchase a permit.

Shuttle Service

UCSD’s extensive transportation system serves the UCSD campus, medical centers and key points off campus and is free to Visiting Scholars. To board show your campus ID to the driver on request. Reference the shuttle service website for more details.


ECO Transit Pass

Visiting Scholars are eligible to purchase the ECO Regional Transit Pass that provides access to all regular MTS buses and the San Diego Trolley at a discounted rate.  With ECO Pass, Visiting Scholars have a commuting alternative that provides more options for getting around San Diego.  ECO Pass can be used in the evenings, and on holidays and weekends, to get wherever the Visiting Scholar needs to go.  For more information, please visit the Eco Pass website on Blink.



There are numerous housing options available to Visiting Scholars:

 Contact the sponsoring department HR personnel for other housing options.

Laboratory and Office Facilities

Visiting Scholars may be granted use of laboratory and other University facilities at the discretion of the departments involved.  In many departments, however, space is limited and offices cannot be provided.

Courses and Seminars

English for Academic and Professional Development (EAPD) program

UC San Diego Extension offers a program for non-native English speaking scholars. Academics and professionals who would like to improve their overall English language skills for future success are encouraged to take these courses. Evening courses are provided in the following subject areas:

  • Academic, Business, and Technical Writing
  • Conversation and Oral Presentation
  • Grammar and Vocabulary
  • Pronunciation and Fluency
  • and more…

For more information, visit: English for Academic and Professional Development (EAPD) Program

UC San Diego Visiting Scholars are also eligible for a 10% discount on all courses, up to $50 per quarter. For more information, please email

Auditing UC San Diego academic courses

Visiting Scholars may audit UC San Diego academic courses and seminars with the consent of the Professor or instructor.  No academic credit is given. 

If the scholar wishes to take regular University courses for credit, they may enroll through the University Extension’s Concurrent Enrollment Program.

Access to professional and career development training at UC San Diego

The Office of Postdoctoral and Visiting Scholar Affairs provides Postdoctoral Scholars a comprehensive professional and development training program called EPIC Postdoctoral Training Program (EPIC Program).  Visiting Scholars may take advantage of these opportunities appropriate to their training needs. 

Visiting Scholars may also join the UC San Diego Postdoc listserv, which advertises the EPIC training events as well as other opportunities relevant to postdocs.  

To request subscription, visit:

Subscription to the listserv requires a UCSD email address. 

Note that not all resources provided to listserv are relevant to Visiting Scholars. 

Campus Card Discounts

There are many discounts available to Visiting Scholars that they can obtain with the use of their Affiliate Campus Card ID.  The list includes discounts from the Box Office, Bookstore, Food, Lodging, Retail, and many more.

Recreation Club (RIMAC) Membership

Visiting Scholars are eligible to purchase a UC San Diego Recreation Card, Day Pass or Monthly Pass to access the facilities. The Recreation Card, Day Pass or Monthly Pass must be presented at the RIMAC Facility Access Desk, The Main Gym Weight Room, The Main Gym Equipment Room Desk (for access to the Main Gym Locker Rooms), or the Canyonview Aquatic Complex Facilities Access Desk to gain access to the facilities. The Recreation website provides more information on recreational programs at UC San Diego.

Faculty Club Membership

Visiting Scholars are eligible to become members and use the services of the UC San Diego Faculty Club.  There is a $25 initiation fee and dues of $14 a month for single membership and $16 for a family membership.

For more information or questions, please contact your sponsoring department HR personnel.