Postdoctoral training is a fundamental component of career success across many academic disciplines and is vital to many scholars as a basic requirement for progression into academic or non-academic careers. The EPIC Postdoctoral Training Program (EPIC Program) is a holistic approach to postdoctoral training that will ensure a vibrant, dedicated and talented workforce in  academic and non-academic careers.

How does the EPIC Postdoc Program work? Essential Training. Foundational Training. Specialized Training Paths. Certificate of Training. UC San Diego is uniquely suited to provide broad-spectrum training to postdoctoral scholars due to its role as a hub for the biotech and pharmaceutical and engineering industry, its own highly successful research enterprise, and its proximity to both four-year academic institutions and community colleges that serve a diverse student population. As it sits at the nexus of  these interest areas, postdoctoral scholars at UC San Diego are  afforded the opportunity to explore a variety of career paths. 

The EPIC Program curriculum will provide postdoctoral  scholars with training for multiple career paths, which consists of Essential Training, continued Foundational Training and Specialized Training in Specific Paths over the average three-year  postdoctoral training period for UC San Diego postdoctoral scholars.

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