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Selecting a Funding Opportunity

For the most competitive proposal, select the appropriate funding opportunity—the one that fits your research, timeline, and needs. Read all solicitations, websites, FAQs, checklists, annual reports, and other information about the funding agency and opportunity.

To determine the appropriateness of the solicitation, take note of:

  • Eligibility
  • Due dates
  • Agency priorities and mission
  • Solicitation focus and objectives
  • Funding limits
  • Sample proposals
  • Proposal components
  • Templates
  • Requirements of mentors, advisors, university, etc.  
  • Award start/end dates
  • Submission method and system access  
  • Award terms and conditions
  • Institutional approvals
  • Agency review process
  • List of reviewers


When selecting your funding opportunity, make sure there is sufficient time to craft a persuasive, compliant proposal as well as meet all university review deadlines. As soon as you decide you are going to submit an application, reach out to your unit's fund manager and your PI for additional resources and processes specific to your unit. It can sometimes take several weeks or months to get the appropriate approvals, access, and signatures to be able to submit your proposal.


   ✔ Refer to the most up-to-date version of the solicitation

   ✔ Read the solicitation multiple times—ask questions to clarify misunderstandings

   ✔ If necessary, contact program officers with a polished abstract to discuss the technical fit of the proposal