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Additional Insurance

Postdoctoral Scholars with full time appointments are automatically enrolled in Life and AD&D insurance, short-term disability insurance, and worker’s compensationMedical evacuation and repatriation benefits that meet J Visa Program requirements are automatically covered for international postdocs and their dependents.  Long-term disability insurance is also available through the UC Postdoctoral Scholar Benefits Plan (PSBP).

Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Plan

  • The plan pays $50,000 in the event of a death.
  • The plan pays an additional $50,000 in the event of an accidental death.
  • AD&D Seat Belt Benefit – Up to $10,000 is payable for death as a result of a car accident while wearing a seat belt.
  • Accelerated Benefit Provision – Allows eligible members who are terminally ill to receive an early allocation of up to 75% of their group life insurance benefit.
  • All Postdoctoral Scholar (Title Code 3252, 3253 and 3254) will automatically participate in the Life Insurance Plan.
  • Beneficiary Form can be found by visiting the link below. Send completed form to Merritt Bradford in the Office of Postdoctoral and Visiting Scholar Affairs.
For plan details, visit:

Short-Term Disability Insurance

  • The plan pays 70% of the first $1,429 weekly pre-disability earnings.
  • The maximum weekly benefit is $1,000 per week.
  • The minimum benefit is $25.00.
  • The benefit waiting period is 0 days for disability caused by an accidental injury and 7 days for disability caused by sickness or pregnancy.
  • The maximum benefit period is 180 days.
  • The plan covers non-occupational disability only.
  • All Postdoctoral Scholars (Title code 3252, 3253 and 3254) will automatically participate in the STD plan.
For plan details, visit:

Worker's Compensation

Postdoctoral Scholars-Employee, Fellow and Paid Directs are enrolled in Workers' Compensation. Employees’ salaries continue to be subject to the standard campus Workers Compensation percentage rate.  Departments will be assessed a flat monthly Workers Compensation charge for each Fellow and Paid Direct. California law dictates that this charge cannot be passed on to the Fellow or Paid Direct.

Medical Evacuation & Repatriation

International Postdocs and their dependents are not required to purchase supplemental coverage for their J1 and J2 Visa requirements.  The PSBP Life Insurance plan satisfies these requirements even if the Postdoc waives the medical, dental or vision coverage.

For details, visit:

Long-Term Disability Insurance

  • This benefit is voluntary and paid 100% by the Postdoctoral Scholar.
  • The Benefit Waiting Period is 180 days of disability. This program starts when the Short Term Disability ends.
  • The plan will pay 60% of the first $7,500 of your monthly pre-disability earnings.
  • The maximum monthly benefit is $4,500. This benefit is reduced by deductible income such as workers’ compensation.
  • Once approved, benefits are payable each month while you are disabled up to age 65. The benefit maximum is graded according to the Age Discrimination Employment Act, if you are disabled after age 62.
  • Monthly premium is $8.55.
  • Must enroll within 31 days from the start of appointment.
  • May be able to enroll outside the 31 days by completing the “Statement of Health” found at and submitting it directly to The Standard Insurance Company. Once reviewed by The Standard, you will be notified if you enrollment has been accepted or declined.
For plan details, visit: