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Collective Bargaining Representation

The International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW) is the exclusive representative of the postdoctoral scholars. Individuals in the following titles are in this systemwide bargaining unit:

    • Postdoctoral Scholar — Employee (Title Code 3252)
    • Postdoctoral Scholar — Fellow (Title Code 3253)
    • Postdoctoral Scholar — Paid Direct (Title Code 3254)
    • Postdoctoral Scholar — Employee NEX (Title Code 3255)
    • Interim Postdoctoral Scholar — Employee (Title Code 3256)

The Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act (HEERA) considers all appointees to these titles to be “employees” for the purpose of collective bargaining and exclusive representation.

Under HEERA, the UAW is the exclusive representative of employees in the PX unit.  In accordance, the union has the exclusive right and authority to negotiate with UC management about the wages, hours, benefits and working conditions that the employer provides to the employee it represents.

The negotiated terms (the contract) govern most of the University’s relationship with the postdocs.

PX collective bargaining agreement is effective October 17, 2016 through September 30, 2020 (Extended through July 1, 2022).



The new contract has several changes in the Appointment article. Initial appointments must still be one year; however, for Postdoctoral Scholar-Fellows and -Paid Directs, the duration is the length of their fellowship award funding.

UC graduate students who graduate and require a short (less than one year) postdoctoral appointment to complete their graduate work, may be appointed into the new Interim Postdoctoral Scholar-Employee (3256) appointment.

Reappointments of Postdoctoral Scholars from any title into the Postdoctoral Scholar-Employee title must be for 2 years.  However, reappointment may be for less than 2 years under certain circumstances: programmatic work, funding, eligibility, work authorization and change in PI.


Appointment Step for Postdoctoral Scholar Experience Level

12/1/2018 Salary Scale Annual

12/1/2018 Salary Scale Monthly

3/1/2020 Salary Scale Annual

3/1/2020 Salary Scale Monthly

Level 0  (0-11 months) $50,760 $4,230 $53,460 $4,455
Level 1  (12-23 months) $52,896 $4,408 $55,596 $4,633
Level 2  (24-35 months) $54,756 $4,563 $57,456 $4,788
Level 3  (36-47 months) $56,880 $4,740 $59,580 $4,965
Level 4  (48-59 months) $59,100 $4,925 $61,800 $5,150
Level 5  (60-71 months) $61,308 $5,109 $64,008 $5,334


For Postdoctoral Scholar-Employees (3252) whose appointments are under 100% time and will not meet the DOL FLSA threshold of $913 per week/$47,476 per year, their appointments will be converted to nonexempt, biweekly effective 11/20/16. In the future, these part-time, non-exempt postdocs will be appointed into the new titlecode Postdoctoral Scholar-Employee NEX (3255).  Implementation of this titlecode has been delayed due to PPS programming.


Additional information, FAQs, and updates to the appointment process will be posted in the near future.

If you have any questions, please contact the Postdoc Scholar Office at or (858) 534-6632.

For more information about the appointment process in RSAS, refer to the RSAS user manual for instructions.