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This 16 hour professional development event is designed for postdoctoral scholars at the beginning of their training to help them make the most of their postdoc experience and establish a foundation for their future career success.

93% of 2020 attendees reported that Bootcamp influenced how they will manage their careers (n=56). 

EPIC Bootcamp.  Your summit to success.

Topics Covered: 

  • Research and professional communication
  • Recognizing and Interrupting Implicit bias 
  • Work style preferences using Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment  
  • CliftonStrengths to assess individual approaches to success 
  • SkillScan to assess abilities and target areas for growth 
  • Career planning and preparation 
  • Professional networking 
  • Setting SMART goals for professional development 
  • Creation and evaluation of an Individual Development Plan

The curriculum is cumulative, with each session building on the learning from previous sessions and the assigned activities each participant completes outside of the group workshops.  Sessions are designed to facilitate experiential learning and are highly interactive.  To get the most out of this experience, participants are encouraged to be active members of our learning community by engaging in workshop discussions and completing all assigned activities.  


Session 1: Understanding Yourself

  • Identify role and responsibilities of being a postdoc
  • Communicate research with a clear and concise message
  • Assess personality type and distinguish those of others

Session 2: Evaluating Your Abilities

  • Clarify skills, interests, values and career preferences 
  • Understand strengths and how to use them effectively 
  • Identify and address training and professional development needs 

Session 3: Managing People and Projects

  • Recognize and interrupt implicit bias 
  • Develop and utilize strategies to communicate effectively 
  • Create and assess structured short and long term goal

Session 4: Developing Your Plan

  • Utilize networking for career planning and preparation 
  • Determine a course of action for a successful postdoctoral experience 
  • Evaluate action plan with peers and faculty members

Next event (virtual)

March 15, 18, 22, & 25 from 12-4 pm each day 



Registration Required:  

For UCSD Postdocs: Via UC Learning Center(Only UC San Diego postdoctoral scholar title codes are eligible). A UCSD Chart String/COA Project and Task Number will be required to complete your registration. 

For External PostdocsVia Eventbrite (Only those who hold current postdoc appointments are eligible).  Payment information will be required to complete your registration.

Registration Fee:   

$75 for UCSD postdocs. Payment for UCSD postdocs only accepted via recharge. UCSD Chart String/COA Project and Task Number will be required to complete your registration in the UC Learning Center. UCSD postdocs who are unable to attend due to limited professional development funds should contact Heather Dillon (hadillon@ucsd.edufor information about the EPIC Bootcamp scholarship. 

$100 for external postdocs (not affiliated with UCSD)Payment information will be required to complete your registration in Eventbrite. 

*Participation in the full Myers-Briggs Type Indicator workshop during session 1 is required for receipt of MBTI assessment results. Individuals who do not attend the full MBTI workshop will not receive their assessment results.

Registration Deadline: Friday, March 5 at 5:00 pm 

Cancellation policy: The last day to cancel your registration for a refund is Friday, March 5 before 5:00 pm. If you cancel your registration after that date, the payment method submitted during registration will still be charged the registration fee. For questions about the cancellation policy, please contact Heather Dillon at 


93% of 2020 attendees reported that Bootcamp influenced how they will manage their careers (n=56).  See infographic of evaluations from January 2018 event. 

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