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private-industry-icon.jpgPrivate Industry Training Path


To be eligible for the certificate in this path, the postdoctoral scholars will need to complete:

Core Training

microMBA (Core Training)

This newly-developed short MBA course by the Rady School of Management will serve as the core component of this track. This program is designed specifically for PhDs, postdocs and graduate students. This training will serve as the core component of this specialized path.

Next event

July 12 - August 15, 2018. The course consists of 10 sessions starting at 4:30 pm.  

For more information and to register, visit:



This series will focus on the successive phases of an Industry Job Search.  Barbara Preston, Ph.D., recruiter and co-founder of PharmaScouts, will present the series and share tips and best practices to help you succeed in transitioning from academia to industry.  Attend this series to learn how to positively leverage your experience in postdoctoral training for an industry position. 

Resume Writing for Industry

Learn the differences between a CV and resume and gain a better understanding about how to present your experience, communicate relevant skills, highlight what is important to a hiring manager in industry and even how to be considered for non-bench scientific roles.

Resume Review for Industry

In the Resume Writing workshop, you learned that a resume is used to get the attention of your potential employer and interest him/her enough to call you for an interview.  As a follow up to that workshop, Dr. Preston will review resumes and provide feedback for up to 12 UC San Diego postdocs and graduate students.

If you would like to submit your resume for review, please complete the Position/Result/Edge (PRE) worksheet that was provided to you in the first workshop to draft your resume. Send a copy of your resume to by Sunday, April 15 to be considered for review.

If your resume is selected, Dr. Preston will review each “blinded” resume to give personalized feedback.

Even if your resume is not selected, we invite you to attend to witness the resume reviews of your peers.

Getting in the Door of Industry

Learn how to identify companies and make targeted lists of companies you would want to work for [whether or not a position is posted], identify the right people to connect with internally using available resources, and discover how to connect with those people directly to assist your transition from academia.

Passing the Interview Hurdle

Learn about phone screens, the in-person interview with multiple individuals at different levels, and the scientific seminar.  This workshop is a combination of universal job interview insights and tips specific for new-to-industry postdoctoral applicants to help with the common questions and challenges you will face.


Check out this Nature Careers article on transitioning to industry featuring Dr. Preston [PDF]

Industry Connections

Interested in an industry position, but not quite sure what careers are available? How does one make the transition from an academia to an industry position? The Industry Connections series seeks to answer those questions. 

Each seminar will focus on perspectives from a Ph.D. working in industry and how he/she successfully transitioned to a career in industry.  The speaker will give a short presentation and then open the topic up for Q & A.  This event is limited to 20 postdoctoral scholars and a light lunch will be provided. If you attend, please be willing to participate in the discussion.

Seminars will be held in the Student Services Center (SSC) from 12 – 1 pm.

April 4, 2018
Compliance Manager

Elyse Walk, Ph.D., Compliance Manager at Explora BioLabs

August 23, 2018
Artificial Intelligence Research in Industry

Xin Wang, Ph.D., Deep Learning Data Scientist at Intel AI

Center (SSC), Room 300 IC: AIResearch
September 18, 2018
Pre-clinical Project Manager Marianna Zipeto, Ph.D., Pre-clinical Project Manager at Crown Bioscience, Inc. Center (SSC), Room 400 IC: PreClinical

Dates and locations are subject to change.

Registration for these seminars is required.



Exposure to Industry Program

To provide UC San Diego postdoctoral scholars opportunities to learn about the rich biotech, pharmaceutical, high-tech, and medical device companies in the San Diego area, the Postdoctoral Association (PDA) organizes sponsored company site visits. The aim is to expose postdoctoral scholars to various career options in industry, help them create a valuable professional network, and contribute to the growth of San Diego’s economy.


Teamwork and Leadership certificate

Part of the grAdvantage programming, this UC San Diego Extension Specialized Certificate in Leadership and Teamwork is designed to equip participants with skills to help them excel in any working environment; communication skills, self-awareness, time management, and the ability to function on diverse and collaborative teams. The certificate consists of three courses focusing on leadership, teamwork, and project management. Throughout the program, students will implement these skills by working collaboratively on teams to manage hands-on projects on campus. The culmination of the program will include a showcase of the students’ projects to campus leaders, industry guests, and the general public. Upon completion of the certificate program, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows will be empowered to transition into their career pursuits.


Career Development Resources from the Postdoctoral Association in Business/Entrepreneurship